How To Turn An Alexa Device Off At Sunrise (with no hub)

(follow similar steps to turn on at Sunset)


I recently bought some inexpensive Wall Switches from Amazon for my outside lights. I didn't realize that it could be difficult to get the lights to come on at sunset, or go off at sunrise.

My switch uses the Smart Life App (Skill) - but the app could not find my city. I tried the TUYA app (skill) and could not find my city.

After a few days, I realized I could use IFTTT (If This Then That). It allows you to simply create "recipes" for certain things to happen when there is a trigger. In my case, I wanted the trigger to be sunrise, and the action to be turn off the lights.

This is the product I purchased from Amazon (here is the link, I may get a portion of your purchase back from Amazon):


  1. Log in to IFTTT
  2. In the upper right corner, near your user name, click the down arrowIFTTT Select Down Arrow Next To User Name
  3. Click New Applet on the dropdown menuIFTTT Select New Applet
  4. Click on the PLUS sign to the left of "This" (in between words "IF +THIS"
  5. On the Select A Service screen, click Weather Underground (Type "Weather Underground" [without quotes] into the search box if you don't see it on the screenSelect the service Weather Underground
  6. Type Weather Underground in search box
  7. Click on the Weather Underground Logo/Icon
  8. Click on the Sunrise ir Sunset Options, depending on what you want to doSelect Sunrise Or Sunset Options
  9. Click on the PLUS sign to left of "that" Click the PLUS sign before the word "that"
  10. Select the Smart Life Logo/Icon
  11. On the Choose Option, select TURN ON, TURN OFF, or SELECT LIGHT BRIGHTNESS, as desired Select Turn On, Turn Off, or Select Brightness
  12. Select the Group Or Device - If a group, click on the device you want to control (in this case, I have a group called "Front Lights" and my device is "Front Lights". Click on the "Create action" button.Select Device, Click on Create Action
  13. On the Review and Finish screen, the recipe is correct, then scroll down. Optionally select if you want to get an email when the applet/recipe runs. Then click "Finish"Scroll down and click FINISH

(1) these images were taken on 10/08/2018. The exact steps might change in the future.
(2) you may be asked for Weather Underground or Smart Life username and password if your accounts are not linked

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