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Seeburg Ed's
For Sale /
Looking to Buy, Sell, or Trade a jukebox or realated item?  Just send me an email with detailed
information / pics and I'll post an ad for you on my website.  

    1) It costs you zero to post an ad.
    2) If item sells, I get 5% which will help me offset website costs.
                •Example: if item sells for $200, then
SeeburEd gets $10
    3) Potential buyers email me, and then I forward the email to you.
               •This ensures that you only receive email from people answering your ad.
                 Your email / contact information
will not be posted on the web.
                 As a result, you will not receive any spam.
•Serial #2464
•Masco MA-17 Amplifier
• RCA Victor Orthoponic
•HiFi Speaker CAbinet SPK-10
•Located in Branson, MO
For Sale
Seeburg 200LU3
For Sale
Seeburg 200LU1-PS
•Serial #1220
•Located in Wylie, TX