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Sorry folks,
I haven't had a chance to film an
LU in action yet.

Check back soon!

It looks like the lip was removed with a hot knife.  
Probably done for clearance because of a non-original
tone arm.
I've never seen an LU with a baby blue tone arm.  It also
has a yellow Seeburg Stereo cartridge.  Can anyone tell
me what model jukebox this tone arm came off of?  
This was mounted in the interior of the cabinet on the
opposite side of the preamp.  
Tubes on the preamp were removed, and this gray
metal project box was bolted where the tubes normally
are.  The gray box has two RCA output plugs - stereo
Updated stereo conversion with a preamp that travels with the mechanism.  The trashed LU
cabinet was replaced with a CU faceframe and the plastic mech cover was replaced with a
metal cover from a later model.
Seeburg Ed's
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...want to see a Seeburg LU scan, select, and play a 45?
30 year old stereo conversion
"Before" Photos
updated stereo conversion
"After" Photos