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Tony Miller passed away suddenly on Monday April 6, 2009.

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If you need help with a repair on a jukebox component (amplifier, selection receiver, mechanism, etc.) here are links to some guys who can help. Some of them may not be willing to come to your place to troubleshoot your machine, but once you have narrowed the problem down to a subassembly, any of them would be more than willing to fix it if you box it and ship it to them. Each would be more than happy to help, but please contact them first and say that I said hi!  Please note that I am doing this to help those who are hesitant to undertake their own repairs and do not warrant the work of any of the parties listed below.

I've listed them by geographical location.

  • Connecticut and Massachusetts:

Rick Murray ( work on most types of coin-operated equipment, including pinball machines, and I specialize in complete restorations of 50's jukeboxes, primarily Seeburgs, which are my favorite. All phases of restoration are handled at my location with the exception of re-chroming services. I provide service to most areas of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

  • Ohio and surrounding area:
    • Dan Colabuno (
      Dan has been repairing, restoring, and collecting jukeboxes for approximately forty-four years. I have had my own repair shop for the last twenty-two years. I have been working in it full time for the last two years, part time before that. I was the service manager for one of Central Ohio's largest jukebox operating company for twenty years. I now specialize in the repair and restoration of all makes of jukeboxes including 78, 45 RPM and compact disc machines. I am always willing to give advice over the phone. I do some repair work in the field, but most of it is shipped to me from all over for repair and return. I have built a lot of test equipment for Seeburg Tormat, Microlog, and MCU and also for AMI and Rowe/AMI. I can be reached at (740) 653-3105 most anytime.


  • Northern California:
    • Ron Rich (
      I will work on all Seeburgs from the M100B through the STD4 models, and components for them, plus some of the SMC stuff and older 78 RPM units. Also, many AMIs built in those years and all Rowe Ami CD phonos, and most components. Some RockOla & Wurlitzer 78/45 rpm phonos, and CD machines. Plus, Rowe OBA/CBA dollar bill units. Yes, I still make housecalls - by appointment only! One thing I will not do is return phone calls!!! - I just get too many to do it! email me please. By the way, Ron has helped significantly in the checking of information I have placed on these pages, never hesitating to point out any of my lies (as he calls them, or as I prefer to portray them, stretches of the truth). While I do not intentionally cloud the truth, Ron's 40 years of experience 'in the trenches' operating and maintaining jukeboxes has been instrumental in helping me to present the most accurate information I can on this website. Now, Ron, since I've given you such a pat on the back, will you please reconsider selling me your DSST1?


  • Southern California:
    • Mike Zuccaro (<) Mike has 25 years of experience in fixing jukeboxes. He also specializes in Fender guitars, radios from the 1920s through 1940s, Philco Predicta TVs, and any quality HiFi manufacturer you can name. Mike is also an authorized repairer for Marantz brand quality HiFi.  Visit his website, or call him at (858) 271-8294 during reasonable (9 AM to 9 PM) Pacific Standard Time hours.