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Tony Miller passed away suddenly on Monday April 6, 2009.

Last Modified: 2009

  Below are links to technical articles I've put together. I'll be adding to these from time to time, so check  back often!


  • Tormat
    • Always wondered how the tormat works?  Read on...
  • SMC1, Jr
    • The elusive SMC1, Jr., also known as the 100-79M.
  • DEC Connection
    • Wanting to add a DEC Consolette to your machine?  Here's how to connect it.
  • Seeburg Quadraphonic Sound
    • What's the scoop on the quad machines? Read on...
  •  PRVC
    • What's a PRVC? How does it hook up? Read On...
  •  STD 'Chaser' lamps
    • How do the 'chaser' lamps in the STD2, STD3, and STD4 work? Read On..