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Photos of Hot Drink, Cold Drink, Smoking materials, and Miscellaneous Vending machines


    In the early years, Seeburg tried to diversify the product line. In 1935 they entered the game machine market with the Ray-O-Light games using a gun with a light and a photocell in the game to sense the light. In 1936, Seeburg designed a parking meter and sold off the manufacturing rights to another company. Also, a cold drink vendor was designed. The following year, an Ice Cream bar vendor was marketed. In 1938, a home record player was built, under the Decca id. This was later expanded, and Seeburg became a major supplier of automatic record changers to companies such as RCA-Victor. In 1940, a bottle vendor was marketed. World War II saw the cessation of all coin-op and home manufacturing effort, as the entire Seeburg operation was devoted to war work.

    Seeburg got into vending in a big way in the early 1960s, introducing a cold drink vendor that featured crushed ice delivered by a Seeburg-designed automatic ice maker. Also during this period, Seeburg acquired both the Choice-Vend Company of Hartford CT, and the Cavalier Corp. of Chattanooga, TN. I believe both of these companies we substantially unaffected by the change in ownership. For example, neither company was relocated to Chicago. Therefore I have elected not to include any of their machines on these pages.

   In about 1961, Seeburg acquired the Bally Vending Company, and with it the rights to the Bally coffee vendor, which was the leading hot coffee vendor of the time. This made Seeburg the industry's leading manufacturer of coffee machines. In 1964, Seeburg purchased virtually all of the assets of Arthur H. DuGrenier, Inc., and thus obtained a substantial line of pastry, candy, cigarette, soap, and cigar vendors.

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Hot Drink Vendors: Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate vendors are featured here.

Cold Drink Vendors: Can, Cold Drink, and Milk vendors are featured here.

Vendors: Cigarette, Cigar, and Cigarillo Vendors are featured here.

Misc Vendors: Candy, Pastry, Laundry Detergent, and Pic-a-Pac vendors are featured here.

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