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Tony Miller passed away suddenly on Monday April 6, 2009.

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Here's a list of stuff (or information) I'm looking for. Can you help? If so, please email me!


  • LS1 or LS2 Owners: I need help!
    • Seeburg offered a couple of optional kits for these machines, the 'Two Quarter Bonus Kit' with which the second quarter inserted gave the same amount of credit as a half-dollar, and the 'Quarter Pre-Select Kit' or 'Dollar Pre-Select Kit' which offered up to 18 selections (but not of your choice) for a dollar.  I am looking for any information beyond what is in the Service Manual for either kit.  Something like the installation sheet, any schematics or photos of the units. If your machine has either installed, please contact me!
  • Seeburg DSST1(Digital Selection System Tester)
    • Seeburg built a couple of dozen specialized field testers for the Black & Gray box system. It was a 19 inch rack mount unit, which was based on a Digital Control Center, a now-playing indicator, a dis-assembled Tormat, a Selector, and a Black and Gray box.  Here's a photo of one:
    • dsst1
    • If you have one of these and want to sell it, please contact me.


  • Do you have an SMC1, SMC2, SMC3, or 100-79M?
    • If you do, you can help me. I'm trying to determine how many different programs Seeburg used for the 3870 Microprocessor these machines are controlled by. If you open up your MCU and remove the Pricing Board (the one with all the jumpers, or, alternatively, a four-position mini-switch on it), you will see a fairly large chip (40 pins). This is the only 40-pin chip on the board. Printed on it will be one of the following:


    • MOSTEK
    • 3870 or 3870/20
    • MK_____
    • date code (78xx, 79xx, 80xx, 81xx, etc)



    • Stylized 'M' (for Motorola)
    • SC______
    • 63-311670 (Seeburg part number for this part)
    • date code (79xx, etc)



    • Stylized 'F' (for Fairchild)
    • unknown
    • date code (79xx, etc)


    • The MK_____ (for Mostek) or SC______ (for Motorola) or unknown (for Fairchild) is the ROM pattern number. Also, there will be a four-digit number starting with 78, 79, 80, 81, etc. This is the date code. I would really appreciated it if you would email me with the pattern number and the date code. After I get a reasonable number of responses, I will post the numbers on this website. Thanks in advance!


  • Information on the Seeburg LS2 special pricing unit
    • When Seeburg was developing the Black & Gray boxes, they built a few special pricing units for field testing which included the new Pricing Chip. These were sent out in LS2 jukeboxes, to selected locations in the Chicago area. The pricing unit itself looks very similar to the standard one shipped in an LS2 (UDPU6) in that it was in a full-size chassis. But instead of having the white nylon pricing wheel, solenoids, and relays, etc., it had a PC board underneath, and a squat metal rectangular cover on top, which had a standard Seeburg Pricing Programmer board sticking out of it. This Pricing Programmer board should have looked identical to those used in the Black Box. Has anyone ever seen one of these, or, (better yet) does anyone have one they could send me pictures of? I would really appreciate it!


  • Information on the Seeburg AMS1,2 Automatic Music Systems
    • In 1965, Seeburg introduced the AMS1 and AMS2, intended for background music (using 12-inch LPs) in upper class restaurants and homes. Very few were built, and anyone having information, or having one they want to sell, please email me.



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