Free Software From Other Providers

AVG Free
A FREE anti-virus program. Updated regularly. Don't use a PC without this!
  • Spybot-S&D©®, the best (according to PC World,, ...) privacy software available!
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft has a program called BizSpark, a program to support startups. The program provides access to free software for both development and production use. This is real versions of software like Windows Server, Visual Studio Team Suite, Team Foundation Server, SQL Server Enterprise, and many more. To qualify you need to meet the following criteria:
    1. Be a privately held company
    2. In business less than 3 years
    3. Generate less than US$1 million in revenue
    Hosts file
    Not technically software, but this is a file to replace the hosts file on your computer. It prevents your computer from accessing malicious (and ot6her) type of sites. If you don't know what hosts file is, you need to replace yours with this one. For an explanation of the host file, see wikipedia. See learn how to block those bad sites by visiting this page Microsoft has (for all makes of computers).

    Free Software From Segal And Associates (coming soon)

    The following software is being offered to help people.
    Prescription Reminder This software will keep track of your prescriptions, when they can be refilled, pharmacies, doctors, etc.

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