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The Seeburg AY160

The Seeburg AY-160 was produced in 1961 and was the last Seeburg to feature a visible loading mechanism (the coolest part of a Jukebox). This is not an unusual machine, and there are quite a few proud owners of this machine.

But finding a manual that you can enlarge, and see clearly is a problem. Printed manuals also don't allow you to search for certain terms.

Why I did this...

I have a Seeburg AY160, and had the troubleshooting and service manuals in print. After moving a few times, I lost the installation manual, and had to repurchase it for $35.  I redrew the diagrams, and updated the text (and added page references) for the manuals.

Please see the my downloads list to see what I have available. Also check around for capacitors replacement, and other things (such as the famouse Seeburg Scan Twice Select None problem.

(Note: The Seeburg SHFA3 and SHFA4 Amplifiers are VERY similar, and the same troubleshooting steps can be used for both!)

Click on these links to see YouTube videos of AY160's in action NB: Files will be uploaded shortly Seeburg AY160 In Action Link1 Seeburg AY160 In Action Link2

Information on this CD was obtained through various sources.
Credit and source is given where known. 

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